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L A T E S T   N E W S:


Aylesbury Lunchtime Music  - Samsara Duo

Sara is looking forward to giving a lunchtime recital with the fantastic saxophone player Mario Marzi in the UK, at the popular Aylesbury Lunchtime Music series in November 2025.


Recital for Waltham Forest Music Society , London

Sara is thrilled to have been invited to perform a lunchtime concert for WFMS in February 2025. The programme will include a selection of pieces for flute and piano and Sara's solo performances of works by C. Debussy and E.Cowie.


Recital at S. Barnabas Sunday Concerts, London

Sara is delighted to perform again at St. Barnabas in May!

She will play a programme of classical and contemporary works 

for solo flutes by C. Debussy, C.P.E Bach, the world premiere of 'La Primavera', a piece written for her by Edward Cowie, the UK premiere (first performance ever on a western flute) of a piece by David Loeb. Sara will also play a duet by K.Saariaho with soprano Gillian Keith and two trios by C. Saint Saens , G.F.Haendel with Gillian and pianist Catherine Grieg. The concert will also feature YMM Junior flute ensemble formed by some of her students.  Part of the ticket sales will be donated to Cats Protection UK.

SOLO recital at St. Botolph's in Aldgate, City of London

Sara is looking forward to playing a selection of solo works in April, in a lunchtime recital at  beautiful St. Botolph's, London. Music by J.S.Bach, David Loeb and the world premiere of a new bass flute piece written for Sara by Davide Fensi.


NEW COMPLEXITY ... and THE SNOW, Samsara Duo: flutes and saxophones. Concert with Mario Marzi, M2C, Milan. 

Sara is thrilled to continue her collaboration with the great saxophone player Mario Marzi. Their new project "New Complexity .. and the Snow " has been selected by M2C, the Institute of Contemporary Music at Conservatoire "G.Verdi" in Milan, Italy. In March Sara and Mario will perform at Sala Puccini a programme of British Contemporary Music which includes solo and duo works by Brian Ferneyhough, Gavin Bryars, Jonathan Harvey, Andy Scott, Jonathan Coles's piece written for Sara, Richard Causton's piece written for Sara and Mario and the word premiere of a piece by James Erber.

Some of the works include electronics.


NEW album project with Daniel Biro, Sargasso Label

'The Difficulty of Being' is a new recording project which includes improvised and experimental music for flutes, flute and synth.


GAMO Ensemble at Amici della Musica, Florence

The concerts with GAMO ensemble will continue in 2024 too, in March in Florence for Amici della Musica season. 

Music by Claudio Ambrosini.


Solo performances for 'Forget me not', Barbican, London 

Sara believes that everyone should have access to live music and for some people this can be particularly beneficial. Therefore , she's thrilled to work with 'Forget me not' , a charity organising performances for vulnerable people.  From April she will give several performances at places like Newham Hospital, Sutton Lodge Day, Golden Lane Comunity Centre. 


World Harmony Orchestra and Cuppa Concert ( solo perf), London

Happy to continue her collaboration with WHO, performance for Holocaust Memorial Day at Islington Town Hall and Cuppa concert , a solo recital at Walthamstow Community Center. 



'NON PARLATE DI ME' (Marilyn) by Mauro Cardi at Ferruccio Busoni Centre

The new opera by Mauro Cardi dedicated to Marilyn Monroe will be performed again at Ferruccio Busoni Centre, Empoli, in February.


Master Class at ROYAL COLLEGE of MUSIC, London

Sara is delighted to have been invited to give a class at Royal College of Music in November, within the Composition Faculty led by Jono Cole. 


GAMO Ensemble, NUOVA CONSONANZA,100 years of SMCI,  GAMO International Festival - Florence , Rome, La Spezia, Italy 

Sara will be happily involved in concerts with GAMO in 2023 too, playing new works on flute, alto flute, bass flute and piccolo.

The concerts will take place in Italy in Florence, La Spezia, Rome.. in September, November, December.. with  lots of new music.

GAMO ensemble will collaborate with LabMusCont at La Spezia Conservatoire in two concerts featuring music by Davide Fensi, Gianluca Cremona, Vincenzo Saldarelli and Sara's unexpected performance of a solo piece written for her by Jono Cole.

-One of the November concerts will present a modern version of works by Scarlatti, Paisiello, Donizetti, Cimarosa... Il settecento napoletano reimagined by today's composers as well as the premiere of two new works by Eugenio Mininni and Franesco Sottile, winners of a prestigious Composition prize in Italy.


-Sara and GAMO ensemble have been invited to perform 'Gaelgenlieder' by Sofia Gubaidulina and a world premiere by Mauro Montalbetti at the prestigious festival NUOVA CONSONANZA in Rome, in December.

-In December she will also play in a new opera by Mauro Cardi dedicated to Marilyn Monroe : ' Non parlate di me' for ensemble, soprano, actors..  World premiere in Florence at MAD (Murate Art District)

-In September Sara  and GAMO ensemble perform during the convention for 100 years of Societa' per la Musica Contemporanea in Italia, at le Murate Art District, Florence.


RECITAL in LONDON inspired by BIRDS 🦜🦩🐦

Sara is looking forward to performing a recital with pianist Roderick Chadwick in January at S. Barnabas, Walthamstow, London. The programme covers music inspired by birds from different centuries : they will play live pieces from their new CD Where Song Was Born by Edward Cowie, together with Messiaen, Janacek etc as well as a flute and voice piece with soprano Gillian Keith. The composer Edward Cowie will attend and talk about his work


Radio broadcast on SBS AUSTRALIA, Melbourne

Sara is delighted to have been invited by SBS Australia for an interview where she talks about 'Where Song Was Born'.

A selection of pieces/birds from the album will be played on the Radio during the interview.


Samsara Duo with Mario Marzi : world Premiere of new piece by Richard Causton

Sara is honoured to play with Italian star of the saxophone Mario Marzi. They are working on a new duo project and are going to give the world premiere of ' Shadows on Snow' , a new piece for alto flute and soprano saxophone written for them by Richard Causton, at GAMO International Festival, Florence 


GAMO Ensemble , Florence 

Sara's collaboration with GAMO ensemble will continue in 2022 too, for the seventh consecutive year.

There will be several concerts of the ensemble, collaborating with  different composers:


July: music by De  Angelis

September: Oratorio Pasolini by Andrea Mannucci

November: Il Diario di Eva , opera by Mauro Cardi 

December: Gaelgenlieder by Sofia Gubaidulina, world premiere of piece by Mauro Montalbetti  

December: music by V.Sannicandro , Comitini, Sebastiani, Talmelli, Richard Causton

December : New Year's Eve : J.Strauss arranged by A. Schenberg, Webern, Berg


WHO - World Harmony Orchestra - Solo concerts - London 

Sara is delighted to be involved in the Cuppa concerts series organised by Romain Malain and his World Harmony Orchestra. The project is featured in the BBC news and Sara performs solo concerts with music by C.Debussy, D.Loeb, G.F.Telemann, K.Renqhvist in various London locations. 


WHERE SONG WAS BORN .. CD release in London in March!


Sara is very excited to announce that her new CD, Where Song Was Born : 24 Australian Bird Portraits by Edward Cowie for flute and piano, recorded with pianist Roderick Chadwick, will be officially released on the Metier, Divine Arts label , on 11th March 2022. Early copies are available from February so... GET ONE SOON! 


NEW CD by DAVID LOEB with Sara's recording, New York


Sara is honoured that her performance / recording of " Dreams of a Spring Evening " by David Loeb has been included by the composer in his latest CD "World Winds II"



GAMO Ensemble joined forces with Suono Giallo Ensemble and have received a prize from Ernst Von Siemens foundation for a project called Nuova Musica Insieme (New Music Together). The project consists of the commission of new works by Jose' Luis Tora', Gianluca Ulivelli, Jan Kopp for the two ensembles together. Concert in December at Le Murate Art District, Florence.



Sara is delighted to receive a grant from Ralph Vaughan William Trust for the commission of a new piece by Richard Causton written for her and sax player Mario Marzi. 


Concerts with GAMO Ensemble : Pierre Boulez and Luciano Berio

First live concerts with the audience of Sara and GAMO ensemble since the beginning of the pandemic. At Le Murate Art District in Florence she plays two concert in October, both introduced by Alessandro Solbiati.

The first concert involves music by Pierre Boulez. The second concert includes "Folk Songs " by Luciano Berio with the magnificent Alda Caiello, one of Berio's favourite interpreters of the work.


Where Song Was Born: new CD with Metier label, composer Edward Cowie and pianist Roderick Chadwick, London.

Sara is delighted to be involved in When Song Was Born, a wonderful  recording project with composer Edward Cowie. Edward has written for Sara and pianist Roderick Chadwick a cycle of 24 pieces/birdsongs for flute and piano: 24 Australian Bird Portraits.

Sara and Roderick will record the entire work in 2021  in London.


41th GAMO International Festival. Online concerts with GAMO ensemble, Florence.

Unfortunately, because of the current pandemic, live concerts aren't allowed in most countries, including Sara's countries (the UK and Italy).

Therefore, it is fantastic for Sara to have the opportunity of playing with GAMO ensemble, conducted by Francesco Gesualdi, for two online concerts at Le Murate Arts District, Florence, in December. 

-the first concert is IL  DIARIO DI EVA, a mini opera by Mauro Cardi inspired by "Eve's Diary" by Mark Twain for actress, soprano and 5 instruments.

-the second concert includes Sara's performance of a piece for flute and piano by Fabrizio De Rossi Re with pianist Antonino Siringo. Sara is also playing ensemble works by F.Gardella, M.Montalbetti. The concert also includes the participation of Maestro Roberto Fabbriciani.



New release: The City of Melania by Rouzbeh Rafie for solo alto flute.

During the Covid-!9 lockdown, Sara has been working on a socially distanced project with composer Rouzbeh Rafie. Rouzbeh has dedicated to Sara a beautiful new piece for solo alto flute, inspired by "Invisible Cities", a book by Italo Calvino.  Sara has performed and recorded the piece at home. The recording is now available on YouTube, Spotify and Itunes.


Medea by Cheryl Frances -Hoad on Champs Hill label. 

Sara's performance / recording of Medea by Cheryl Frances-Hoad on the composer's latest CD The Whole Earth Dances has just been released on the Champs Hill label. The whole CD of chamber works has received great reviews including  5 stars for performance and recording from the BBC Magazine which cites Sara's performance as an elegant navigation of Cheryl's flute solo.


Lecture at Conservatoire "G.Verdi", Milan, Italy

Sara is delighted to be invited to give a lecture in February to the Composition Faculty at one of the most prestigious Conservatoires in Italy. 


Concert with Duo Alterno at  Rive Gauche , Genoa, Italy*

Sara is excited about her new collaboration with the amazing Duo Alterno (Riccardo Piacentini - piano and Tiziana Scaldaletti - soprano) and they will perfrom at Musiche in Mostra, Rive Gauche in October at the beautiful Castello de Albertis in Genoa.

Solos, duos, trios by Bruno Maderna, Alessandro Magini, Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, Riccardo Piacentini, Carla Magnan, Marcello Panni  and the world premiere of a new piece dedicated to Sara and Duo Alterno  by Dimitri Scarlato

* because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the concert has been postponed to 2021 


Solo recital at VOX Feminae Festival 2019, Tel Aviv (Israel) and "Aspects of Sara" by composer Alona Epshtein

This is super exciting! After her successful tour in Israel in 2016, Sara is honoured to be invited again to give a solo recital in the VOX Feminae Festival at Tel Aviv in December! The programme consists of a selection of works by women composers from many countries: Hana Ajiashvili, Noriko Nakamura, Jinhee Han, Karin Rehnqvist, Todahya Schnendowic and the world premiere of "ASPECTS OF SARA", a brand new piece for Sara by the amazing Alona Epshtein.


Collective 31 and Leon Haxby: Snow White Reimagined, London

Sara is delighted to be involved in a  super cool project with Collective 31. Snow White Reimagined is a new show for sextet and dancers with a brand new score by the amazing Leon Haxby and conducted by the brilliant Thomas Payne!

There will be several performances in November at the Compass  Theatre, London.


Interview and Radio Broadcast at Women's Radio Station, London

Sara is looking forward to her radio broadcast and interview with Stefania Passamonte at WRS where tracks from her solo album will be played.  


GAMO Ensemble: Il Diario di Eva, chamber  opera  by Mauro Cardi, Florence

Sara is looking forward to performing in the new GAMO productions in October. They will give the world premiere of a new chamber opera commissioned by GAMO to Mauro Cardi. 


GAMO Ensemble :solo flute piece by Fabio Massimo Campogrosso and Daniela Fantechi, Florence

Sara will be involved in another new exciting GAMO production: 

In October she will perform works by those two composers including a brand new solo piece. Both composers were born in 1984.


Improvisation sessions at Royal College of Music, London

Sara is interested in improvisation and she has joined the improv sessions at RCM, led by composer Jonathan Cole.


New album with D'Juil, Derby (UK)

Sara's interest in improvisation culminates in the recording of a second album. She's delighted to have been invited to collaborate as a guest artist with D'Juil : Julian Broadhurst (percussion) and David Conrad Dhonau (cello). In March, together they will record an album of improvised music.


GAMO Ensemble and Résonance Contemporaine - Bourg-en-Bresse Teatre,  France 

After the successful concert in Florence, Sara with GAMO Ensemble and the vocal group Résonance Contemporaine, conducted by Alain Goudard will work together for an exciting project in France in April. Music by William Blank, Lucien Guérinel etc.


CD presentation in Florence, Biblioteca Marucelliana - Solo recital

Sara will head up to  Florence again where she will present her new album to the Italian market and music critics at the historical Marucelliana.

She will perform new works written for her and the album by Alessandro Solbiati, Alessandro Magini, Jonathan Cole, Matteo Giuliani. The composers will attend the event. 


Solo recital in Bologna, Italy

Sara is excited to perform a solo concert in Bologna in April at Accademia dei notturni.

Programme includes music for solo flutes by David Loeb, Alessandro Solbiati, Cheryl Frances- Hoad.


Flute and Voice at Colourscape (UK) Waddesdon Manor


It will be a magical experience for Sara to perform at Colourscape festival with soprano Sarah Dacey in June.Duo and solo pieces by Jinhee Han, Andrea Benedetto, Ji Heng Lee etc


GAMO  Ensemble - Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Florence - Ivan Fedele  

Sara and GAMO Ensemble have been invited to perform again at Maggio Musicale Fiorentino  (Opera House) and will collaborate with composer Ivan Fedele. Music by Ivan Fedele and Franco Donatoni. 



CD Launch Event at Estorick Collection - London 


Very exciting! Sara's first solo album is about to be released and she' s organising a CD launch event at Estorick Collection. The launch will consist of Sara's performance in which she will give the world premiere of the new works contained in the CD. The composers who wrote the new pieces include Alessandro Solbiati, Jonathan Cole, Matteo Giuliani, Alessandro Magini. They will attend the launch and introduce their works :-)




Concert with Sarah Dacey (Soprano) in London


Sara is excited to work with the amazing Sarah Dacey on her flute and voice duo.

Their first concert will be in Aprile at  Walbrook Music Lunchtime Concerts in London.

The programme includes music by Saariaho, Furrer, Giuliani, Schoenberg, De Roussel and solo pieces.


Session and performance at Royal College of Music (London) 


Sara is delighted to be invited to visit RCM in May for a session with composers William  Mival and Jonathan  Cole in which she will talk about contemporary flute and repertoire. At the end of the session, Sara will perform a selection of works for solo flute written for her by RCM composers.




GAMO Ensemble,  Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.


Sara is very happy to keep working with GAMO Ensemble. In 2018 they will also perform at Maggio Musicale Fiorentino - Opera House, Florence. 



Flute and voice with Sarah Dacey in Sicily !


In October Sara will be involved in an exciting project with "Diaphonia editions"  and  "Vincenzo Bellini" concert society, Messina. They are organising a call for scores for flute and voice. Sara will perform the selected works and other pieces with soprano Sarah Dacey  in concerts in




Progetto Tricolore in London.


Sara is very pleased to be involved in a project with the Tricolore Theatre Company and actress Nadia Ostacchini, in London.

Sara will perform and record the music written by composer Andrea Basevi for a new children' s play produced by Tricolore.



GAMO Ensemble: Progetto Solbiati  and Résonance Contemporaine, Florence


In December Sara will be busy with two GAMO projects. The first concert involves composer Alessandro Solbiati and selected young compers from Solbiati's annual master class. Venue: Le Murate Contemporary Arts



In the second concert GAMO ensemble joins forces with the outstanding French vocal group Résonance Contemporaine conducted by Alain Goudard.


The programme  consists of all world premieres of pieces  by French  and Italian composers including Denis Bosse, Lucien Guérinel, Alessandro Solbiati, Alessandro Magini etc. 


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P  A  S  T    N  E  W  S:




GAMO Ensemble - Salvatore Sciarrino


The  concert in March will be entirely dedicated to Sciarrino's music and it will be at La Pergola Theatre, Amici della Musica, Florence. Sara will perform ensemble pieces  and  Come vengono prodotti gli incantesimi? for solo flute.



Solo recital at National Portrait Gallery, London


Very happy to perfom a solo recital at National Portrait Gallery in October! :) The programme is a selection of  UK premieres of contemporary works for flute and alto flute inspired by folk music from Sicily and Asia. It also includes a work by Salvatore Sciarrino and the  first performance on a Western flute

of a shinobue piece by David Loeb.



Recording at Champs Hill with composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad


Honoured to be included in Cheryl's  new CD project with Champs Hill, In May Sara will record Medea, the composer's piece for solo flute. 




GAMO Ensemble at SIAE annual event, Florence


Sara 's Ensemble has been chosen to perform at the SIAE annual event in May featuring Contemporary Classical Music in Italy.  Sara is excited to be part of it and will perform Omaggio a Burri by Sciarrino with Marco Ortolani (clarinet ) Marco Facchini (violin) and the solo piece Lu Venerdi di Marzo for alto flute by Francesco Lipari.



Ensemble GAMO -  Museo del Novecento,  Florence


Heading to Florence again in November for a concert with GAMO Ensemble, the fantastic  Mario Marzi (sax) and composer Alessandro Solbiati, performing Solbiati s music as well as works by Federico Gardella , a new solo flute piece written for Sara  by Andrea Benedetto and works by composition students.



Korean music  at Global Arts, London - Solo performances


Sara is passionate about discovering music from all countries and is interested in Asian culture.  In July and  September, she will take part in a  project at Kingston Museum and will perform music for solo flutes from Korea and inspired by Korean and Asian folk tradition. The music will include pieces by composers Jinhee Han , Hyunjoo Kim and David Loeb.



Young Persons Concert  Foundation 


Sara enjoys to perform a variety of music as well as classical repertoire and  is thrilled about  the experience of playing 

Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf with the full orchestra in concerts for children at the Cockpit Theatre, London in February.




Flautata Voce XXY at GAMO, Florence


Flautata voce XXY (Flute-like voice XXY) is a project which investigates the fascinating connection between the human voice and the flute and aims to support the work of composers exploring this unique synergy. Sara is joined by Serbian  soprano Ana Spasic and they present a rare selection of solo and duo pieces by 11 composers from all over the world including Beat Furrer, Kaija Saariaho, Arnold Schőnberg, Daniele Lombardi, Ljubica Marić, Brian Ferneyhough, Maria Vatenina etc


The programme also includes the world premiere of a new piece by Matteo Giuliani commissioned by GAMO.


We look forward to the concert in Florence (Italy) at GAMO (Gruppo Aperto Musica Oggi) in January!




Concert at Kings College 


Sara's new exciting project is a flute and percussion duo with Chris Brannick.

They are working on contemporary repertoire and brand new works written especially for them. First concert at Kings College, London in February. The programme includes the world premiere of works for the duo by Rob Keeley, Paul Burnell, Alexander Scott, a work by Giacinto Scelsi, Sara's solo by Salvatore Sciarrino.





"Narcissus" at Instigate Arts in Manchester ! 


Sara is delighted that her idea for "Narcissus" has been selected for the Ambition & Identity Festival organised by Instigate Arts in Manchester


Narcissus is a brand new piece for the solo flute, electronics and film montage written in collaboration with composer Matteo Giuliani and Kevin Burke at Instigate Arts. The work  explores the themes of Ambition and Narcissism and is inspired by the myth of Narcissus.


Sara will give the world premiere of the work at Ambition event in July.




Baroque concerts in Italy 


Summer concerts in the south of Italy with harpsichord player Marco Vincenzi and cellist Luca Fiorentini.


Bach Flute Sonata in E minor and works by Mozart, Handel.


Associazione Bova Life, Bova - Reggio Calabria



Visit to Israel: "Vox Feminae 3" Festival" and Tel Aviv University,  Tel Aviv


Sara is honoured to have received an invitation from the  Israeli Women Composers & Performers Forum to perform at their  Festival "VOX FEMINAE 3" at Striker Conservatoire in Tel Aviv, Israel!


Sara will play a concert with Soprano Ana Spasic in their duo Flute - like Voice XX (Flautata Voce) featuring music by Women Composers.


The programme includes works by composers from many countries and the world premiere of brand new pieces written by Israeli composers Hagar Kadima and Hana Ajiashvili.


During her time in Israel Sara will also collaborate with the Composition faculty at Tel Aviv University and composer Ruben Seroussi. She will give a lecture on flute extended techniques and contemporary repertoire.



Visit to Israel:  Haifa University


Sara is thrilled about heading to Haifa where she will perform the "Flautata Voce XX" programme at the University of Haifa in a concert supported by the Italian Cultural Institute.



Arts Council of England - Artists International Development Fund  Award 


Sara is extremely happy as the Arts Council of England offered her a grant - the Artists International Development Fund Award - for her  project in Israel!




CD album (solo) with EMA records!! 


Delighted to get signed by the EMA records,  Sara will work on her first solo album which features her much loved works for the solo flute by Alessandro Solbiati, Brian Ferneyhough, Salvatore Sciarrino and brand new pieces written especially for her by wonderful composers such as

Alessandro Solbiati, Jonathan Cole, Matteo Giuliani and Alessandro Magini !


Some of the new works will be published in the EMA Vinci editions




GAMO Ensemble, Florence - Alessandro Solbiati


Very happy to be invited to be part of the GAMO Ensemble specialising in Contemporary repertoire, Sara will play concerts in Florence with Francesco  Gesualdi, Laura Catrani and other amazing Italian musicians! First concert with composer Alessandro Solbiati and young composers playing new works for solo flute, duo and ensemble. 



Royal College of Music Masters Ensemble


Sara is delighted to be involved again in this great project led by Jonathan Cole with the composers at Royal College of Music. She will take part in a series of workshops and concerts in November 2015, February and March 2016 and will perform brand new works.



New solos  - Carceri d'Invenzione  II B by Ferneyhough


Sara learns constantly new works for the solo flute. She will perform some intriguing solos (including Carceri d'Invenzione IIB by Brian Ferneyhough ) at Swan Yard in September and other venues.



La Follia Trio 


La Follia duo will collaborate with harpsichord player Marco Vincenzi in a project called "Bach versus Telemann".

The Trio (flute, harpsichord, cello) will play a concert in Italy in January ( Arte Musica Roana, Vicenza) and at Handel House, (London) in February.

The programme includes Sonatas for flute and continuo by J.S.Bach , G.P.Telemann and Sara's solo by Telemann.




Recital in France 


In May Sara will go to Tours (France) with  composer / pianist Jeremy Thurlow for a recital which includes Sara's performances of the works for flute and piano by Jeremy Thurlow, solo works by Jean - Pascal Chaigne, Alessandro Solbiati, Cheryl- Frances Hoad, Richard Causton and the piece for flute and piano by Olivier Messiaen. The concert is in Les Moments Musicaux de la Touraine Festival, Alumni Poulenc - Conservatoire et Université de Tours - Faculté de Musicologie.



World premiere at National Portrait Gallery


Sara is honoured to be the dedicatee of the new piece for flute and cello by the Korean composer Hyunjoo Kim ♥ The piece, commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery, will be there performed in December by Sara.



Royal College of Music Masters Ensemble


Sara will perfom in the workshops + concerts with composer Jonathan Cole and the composers on the Masters course at Royal College of Music ( London) in November 2014, February and March 2015. 



Klangspuren International Ensemble Modern Academy (Austria)


Sara has been selected to participate in the prestigious Klangspuren International Ensemble Modern Academy 2014, Austria. She will play in seven concerts in the Klangspuren Festival. The programmes include works for ensemble (  3 to 14 players) by H. Abrahamsen, P. Boulez, S.Rohloff, V.Zuraj, W.Rihm and a solo piece for alto flute by K.Saariaho. Sara will be delighted to work with Ensemble Modern members, conductor Brad Lubman, composer in residence Hans Abrahamsen and all the IEMA musicians!



Solo recital at Fairfield Halls

The solo repertoire is one of Sara's main commitments and in December she will give a solo recital at Fairfield Halls (Concert Hall),  performing works  for the solo flute and alto flute by J.S.Bach, G.P.Telemann, C.Debussy, S.Sciarrino, B.Ferneyhough, K. Saariaho and the world premiere of a new piece written for Sara by Maria Vatenina



RADIO broadcast

Sara's performances of solo works by A.Solbiati, B.Ferneyhough and S. Sciarrino will be broadcast between May and June on Israeli Broadcasting Authority,  Jerusalem, in the show : A Window to the Previous Century.


La Follia , flute and cello duo

Sara is passionate about playing with the cello and formed a duo called La Follia. She is currently working with cellists/composers Colin Alexander and Gregor Riddell.

She will perform in UK venues including Kings Place  (April),  Arch 1 (June), University of Reading (October) etc.

The repertoire includes works by E. Carter, K.Saariaho,   J.S.Bach and the world premiere of a work by the young composer Leon Haxby.


The concerts also include Sara's performances of solo works by B.Ferneyhough and A.Solbiati.



Chamber Opera project and piece for flute and voice by Maria Vatenina

Sara is working with Russian composer Maria Vatenina on her Chamber Opera project, Gentle Creature. The composer is  writing a piece for Sara inspired by Camus (flute and voice)  which Sara will premiere at Arch 1(London), in June.














More details and events soon...

:-) :-) :-) 

Sara Minelli - flautist
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