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NEW RESONANCES is Sara's first solo album:

Alessandro SOLBIATI (b.1956)
Ánthos (2016) [6:01]
As if to land (1989) [13:40]
Brian FERNEYHOUGH (b.1943)
Cassandra’s Dream Song (1970) [9:59]
Jonathan COLE (b.1970)
50 Florentine Breaths (2016) 14:01]
Salvatore SCIARRINO (b.1947)
Come vengono prodotti gli incantesimi? (1985) [9:15]
Alessandro MAGINI
Nove (2016) [14:50]
Oltre (Narcissus) (2016) [10:15]



“[...] As required of any well executed performances of contemporary compositions, Minelli warms the listener up to her technical prowess, a mere taster of what’s to come.. 
 this album successfully shows off Minelli ‘ s skilled capability of handling contemporary repertoire and makes an interesting listen as well as an example for students of contemporary repertoire. “

Diljeet Bhachu - The British Flute Society, Pan

“Minelli is clearly a formidable exponent of the contemporary flute repertoire.”

Jonathan Woolf - Music Web International

“Sara Minelli [...] shows her technical skills off in a superb manner. None of the requirements of the various pieces seems to disturb her, and the result is a digest of dazzling advanced techniques”

Robert Hugill - Planet Hughill

"Sara Minelli ‘s New Resonances for Flute (EMA Vinci) takes this sense of subversion even further – her flute is something to create breathy textures, popping effects, unexpected trills and drowsy slurs”

John Lewis - The Guardian



The disc was released after a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for its launch at Estorick Collection, London.

Here’s the link to the campaign with information about the project, the composers involved and the event:


 A big THANK YOU to Sara’s backers! They are:

Cheryl Frances - Hoad; 
Claire Asherson Bartram;
Lucilla Di Prospero; 
Serena Minelli; 
Luca Minelli; 
Justin, Miny, Sasha & Evan Shute;

Fabienne, Fred, Marine & Olivia Gielen;

Jonathan Cole; 

HyunJoo Kim;
Alona Epshtein; 

Ruben Seroussi;
Carmel Chanarin;
Angelo, Silvia & Francesca Valeri;  
Nadia Ostacchini;  
Ruth Williams;
Jinhee Han & Moo; 
Mario Marzi;  
Jil Cuthberg;
Eddie Saint- Jean;

Jenny & Telford Shute;

Emesh, Dimple, Kiani & Arissa Patel ;

María Reina Rodríguez;

Ruth Franks;

Michael, Conny & Ariana Kerman;

David Rossato;

Joe Hill-Jayne;

Angelo & Irene Minelli;

Marzia Guidi & Fabrizio Campagnoli; 

Chorus Fractae Ebe Igi Choir;

Titta, Paola, Cinci Pareti - Bacchini & Graziella Minelli;

Walter Vinciarelli;

Marina Leonardi;

Andrea Politi;

Zoe Wan;

Keith Ashenden;

Elliot Choueka & Natalie;

Francetta Gulamhuseinwala & Kyra;

Maria Vatenina;

Andrea Benedetto;

Claudia Micheletta Monari & Saverio Micheletta;

Leila Kardouche & Alia;

Richard Causton;

Dario Pino & Francesco Lipari;

Daniele Araco;



and those who have preferred to keep their donation anonymous.


“ Thank you so much for believing in my project, it wouldn’t have happened without your support ❤️- Sara Minelli “

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