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​WHERE SONG WAS BORN  - Metier, 2022

Edward Cowie (b. 1943)
1 Australian Raven 3:13
2 AustralianWood Duck 3:02
3 AustralianMasked Plover 2:23
4 EasternWhipbird 2:46
5 WillyWagtail 2:20
6 GoldenWhistler 3:18
7 Superb FairyWren 3:23
8 Brolga Crane 2:40
9 Pied Butcher Bird 3:29
10 Bush Stone Curlew 2:54
11 Wedge-tailed Eagle 3:00
12 AustralianMagpie 2:43
13 Bell Birds 3:41
14 Wampoo Pigeon 2:33
15 Golden-headed Cisticola 1:03
16 Tawny Frogmouth (with distant honey-eaters) 2:15
17 Pied Currawong 1:09
18 Kookaburra 2:52
19 Mangrove Kingfisher 3:11
20 Helmeted Friarbird 2:37
21 White-breasted Sea Eagle 4:50
22 Green Cat Bird 3:30
23 Sooty Owl 1:30
24 Lyrebird 2:40

Total playing time 67:12



“Sara Minelli.. As a specialist in contemporary music, with all the technical issues that entails, there can be few flautists who are her equal. Her mastery of the material is..  exemplary.. This, and the companion recording (New Resonances) ,is top quality contemporary music which should be added to the still small repertoire for solo flute. Minelli does it proud... Minelli and Chadwick give flawless performances... Minelli must now be carving out a reputation among world leaders in the interpretation of contemporary music. - Peter Westbrook, The Flute Journal“


“Sara Minelli is a virtuoso player with real mastery of avant-garde technique....– Alan Cooper, The British Music Society.”

Alan Cooper -


"...Sara Minelli is an excellent flautist who plays each piece with vigor and an appropriately bird-like sound..."

Lynn Bayley - Arts Music Lounge

"...The performance by Sara Minelli (flute) and Roderick Chadwick (piano) is stunning, beautiful, revelatory, often moving and thoroughly committed, both in creativity and technique. The listener can sit (or even lie) back and enjoy and appreciate this transcendent journey through the ornithological landscape of Australia - John France , Music Web International”

John France -

"...what stands out in the whole album is Sara’s flute that gives voice to the Australian birds. We suggest this album to those who love music because it lets us see something new, inspired by a world that surrounds us and which we often ignore.. -  Gianni Pezzano, The Daily Cases”

Gianni Pezzano -

..this album features the stunning extended techniques and birdcalls of flutist Sara Minelli... Cowie has created a stunning sonic tapestry where the flute part specifically represents the bird.. Minelli convincingly coaxes the listener to go birding by expertly executing every extended technique that exists for flute.. 

Natalie Szabo - Fanfare (US)

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